Please find (and save to your laptop or smart device) the pdf-version of the programme & abstract book from HERE.


12 Registration (Lion’s Den)

13:00-14.15 Opening Words & Keynote 1, Professor John Richardson, Lecture Hall 2094)
Surrealism and Psychedelia in Icelandic Popular Music

14.15-15.00 Lunch or small buffet (Café Cum Laude)

15:00-16.15 Parallel sessions 1

Session 1 ‘Science Fiction and New Media’ (Lecture Hall 2094) Chair: Kimi Kärki

Science-fictional doubles: the technologization of the doppelgänger and sinister science in serial sci-fi tv
Paul Mountfort

When science fiction and science communication intersect: why Tatooine changing climate matters
Meghie de Sousa Rodrigues

Quantifying Health Devices: A Design Perspective
James Dyer

Session 2 Women and Popular Music A (Seminar room 2095a) Chair: Rami Mähkä

How to dress for a Teenage Riot? Alternative Female 90s musicians, Fashion and the curse of Authenticity
Emmanuelle Dirix

Finnish Girl Power on a Timeline
Aino Tormulainen

Beyonce, Miley and Kim: New Hypersexualised “Feminisms” in Popular Media
Siri Lindholm

Session 3 European Television (Seminar room 2093) Chair: Susanna Paasonen

Popular Entertainment between Fact and Fiction: The Case of German Scripted Reality Shows
Daniel Klug

Re-writing history on public television: Tell me how it happened and the Spanish democratic Transition
Zaya Rustamova

16.15-17.30 Parallel sessions 2

Session 4 Television Series (Lecture Hall 2094) Chair: Kari Kallioniemi

The tale of a revolution that wasn’t
Antonio Savorelli

Cole Haddon’s Dracula TV Series (2013): The Short Happy Life of Stoker’s Resurrected Vampire
Ildikó Limpár

Session 5 Performance and Costume (Seminar room 2093) Chair: Pamela Church-Gibson

Fleshing Out Fashions
Madaleine Trigg

Excelsior, 1881. Staging the Popular Culture
Alessio Francesco Palmieri-Marinoni

When Heiner Müller meets Elvis Presley: eclectic references in experimental performance
Ana Raquel Dinger Moreira Duarte

Dressing and Undressing: Skin and Costuming in Ex Machina and Under the Skin
Sarah Gilligan

19:30-21.30 Evening Reception at Fellehus (interest groups meetings & Sami art exhibition)


10-11.30 Parallel sessions 3

Session 6 Notions of Curation, Art and Popular Culture (Seminar room 2093) Chair: Pamela Church-Gibson

Digital Curation for Popular Culture Research
Jaakko Louhivuori

The C-Word – On the popularity of curation
Shirley van de Polder

Session 7 Thatcherism and Popular Culture (Seminar room 2095a) Chair: Kari Kallioniemi

Fawlty Towers: Sitcom and ‘Pre-Thatcherite’ Conservatism
Rami Mähkä

A Post-Thatcherist Trauma: History, Amnesia, and Cannibalism in Neil Marshall’s Doomsday
Felipe Espinoza Garrido

Polluting young minds? Smash Hits in the final years of Thatcherism
Neil Kirkham

Complete Control: Discourses of Independence in the NME in the 1980s
Mark Baillie

Session 8 Women and Popular Music B (Lecture Hall 2094) Chair: John Richardson

Biographical strategies in ‘Tales of Us’ by Goldfrapp
Maarit Leskelä-Kärki

Amy Winehouse on the Market: Postfeminism and Commodification in Contemporary Popular Music
Nathalie Weidhase

Pop Venus in Fake Fur: Reclaiming Sexual Agency in Rihanna’s Music Video ’S&M’
Anna-Elena Pääkkölä

12 Lunch at the garden of Cum Laude

13:30-14.30 Keynote 2, Professor Susanna Paasonen, Lecture Hall 2094
Hidden treasures and discarded stashes: remembering everyday uses of pornography

14.30-15 Coffee (Café Cum Laude)

15:00-16.30 Parallel sessions 4

Session 9 Psychology and Popular Culture (Seminar room 2093) Chair: Maarit Leskelä-Kärki

Singlehood in Treatment: Interrogating the Discursive Alliance between Post-feminism and Therapeutic Culture
Kinneret Lahad & Avi Shoshana

Female Monstrosity and Abjection – The Representation of Calamity Jane in Pete Dexter’s Deadwood and Larry McMurtry’s Buffalo Girls
Eszter Hidasi

Session 10 Politics and Pop (Seminar room 2094) Chair: Kari Kallioniemi

A French Connection: Using Piketty and Genette to Value Video Games
Adam Crowley

Infotainment journalism in the national press: A case study of the Greek-Cypriot popular culture
Irene Photiou & Theodora Maniou

Timelapse! Analysing the power-relations and temporalities of the Computer Game GTA V
Kimi Kärki

16.30-18.30 Parallel sessions 5

Session 11 Popular Culture and Popular Literature (Seminar room 2093) Chair: Pamela Church-Gibson

Evaluating chick lit: cultural values and Confessions of a Shopaholic
Miriam Bross

French Popular Fiction and the First World War
Emma Bielecki

From Superman to The Invisible Man: Masculinity and the Male Body in Contemporary Russian Advertising
Graham Roberts

[Poster presentation]
Studying Discourse Functions in Popular Romance Fiction Novels: (‘Work in Progress’)
Isabel Gonzáles Cruz

Session 12 Food (Seminar room 2095b) Chair: Pekka Kolehmainen

Food is the new pop – a case for exploring European popular food culture
Miriam Feuls

Gastronomy – 100 years old life style
Kristina Zabrodska

Tasting the Truth. The Role of Food and Eating in Hannibal
Adam Andrejewski

Gourmet Cuisine with a Side of Murder
Heike Henderson

Session 13 Cinema, Europeanism and Fashion (Lecture Hall 2094) Chair: Kari Kallioniemi

Werner Schroeter and Vincent Monnikendam: The “Different” Visions of Naples in European Cinema
Armando Rotondi

The Emergence of the New French Horror Genre
Angus MacDonald

Alexander McQueen and the catwalk narrative: Deliverance Spring Summer 2004
Felicia Scicluna

18:30 – Drinks in the garden of Cum Laude, Humboldt University

Guided walks around Berlin city center (tba)


10-12 Parallel sessions 6

Session 14 In Europe, Iceland and Elsewhere (Seminar room 2093) Chair: John Richardson

Sourcing Picture Postcards and European Travel Narratives in Colonial Taiwan
Ann Heylen

The Reception Abroad of European Early Sound Films: The Case Study of Quito-Ecuador, 1930-1933
Bolivia Erazo

The role of Iceland within the global indie music scene: Björk and Sigur Rós
Mareike Zobel

“If you talk like an Icelander… then you talk good Icelandic”: foreignaccented speech, linguistic purism, and national identity in Iceland
Stefanie Bade

Session 15 European Popular Music (Seminar room 2095a) Chair: Kimi Kärki

From Identity to Communicative Sociality in Popular Music in the Basque Country
Ion Andoni Del Amo & Arkaitz Letamendia & Jason Diaux

Problem of Conjunction of Popular and Classical Music Genres in Georgian Music (The Paradigm of Georgian Rock Opera)
Mariam Tsotskhalashvili

As the Stones Came Rolling In – The 1965 Yyteri Concert of the Rolling Stones as a Media Event in Finland
Pekka Kolehmainen

Session 16 Fashion, Globalisation and Media (Seminar room 2095b) Chair: Pamela Church-Gibson

The consolidation of youth lifestyle in the 1960s: Swinging London through The Drapers’ Records magazine
Maira Zimmermann

Black Out. An exploration of a contemporary moment in Fashion – The Black female Model in Vogue magazine, 2007–2014
Stacey Balfe

An exploration into the fashion designer’s understanding of creativity through the evaluation of designer testimonials
Siobhan Glynn

Session 17 Film (Lecture Hall 2094) Chair: Susanna Paasonen

Boundary Work as a main de-stigmatization strategy among adult female fans
Neta Yodovich

Flesh Wounds: the Damaged Male Body in Skyfall
Vera Benczik

The difference between an intentional and unintentional film costume anachronisms in historical films – Anna Karenina of 1967 (USSR) and 2012 (UK)
Anastasiia Umanets

12-13:30 Lunch in Cum Laude

13:30-15 Keynote 3, Pamela Church-Gibson, Lecture Hall 2094
Celebrity, Class and Crisis : New Ideals of Masculinity in Popular Culture

15 End of the conference. Announcing the EUPOP 2016 city (Lecture Hall 2094)


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